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Flag of Klämen
Coat of Arms of Klämen
Coat of Arms
Nickname: Kadseranes (Yellow City)
Motto: Peace and Work in Unity
Location of Klämen
Province Clements
District Klämen Kad
Founded 2012
Demonym Klämener
 -Mayor Ádolz Navadal (IPG)
Population 883,303 (2015)
Postal code A13
Abbreviation KL, KLM
Forum TBD

Klämen is the capital of Clements. It's the second largest city in the country, behind Port Elerat.


The first Gerenian settlement in the area was created on the north side of the Nevaya River in 2012. Eventually a new city was built upon the ruins of Andesburgh, and it was named "Clementsgrad", after the Clements family, one of the most powerful clans in Gerenia during that time. Clementsgrad was chosen as capital of Gerenia over Port Isherwood (today Port Elerat), which generated a rivalry between both cities.

In 2013, the city changed its name twice: firstly in April, from Clementsgrad to "Clementsskad" (which in Gerenian language means "Clements' City"), and again in September to the current. Along with the second name change, a portion of the city was ceded in order to form the Gerenian Capital Territory, and Klämen was demoted to the rank of city. However, Klämen became the capital city of Mäeklen, a title previously held by Port Isherwood.

The city's current mayor is Ádolz Navadal, of the Independent Party, who replaced Zelmar Líniŷ in November 2014.


Klämen is situated on the south bank of the Nevaya River, which is a tributary of the Maiŷnat. Across the Nevaya lies the Gerenian Capital Territory.

Klämen has a humid continental climate, with warm summers and very cold winters.

The city has a main urban area but there are many suburban and rural areas within the modern city's limits.


Although less important than once before, the agricultural sector remains the mainstay of Klämen's economy. The few industries present are mostly devoted to food processing.


Klämen is currently home to two professional football teams, KA Bazree Mäeklenes and KZ Clementsgrad. Several non-professional teams play in the city, as it is also home to an assortment of amateur organized team sports such as football, basketball, rugby, ice-hockey, and hetlöhi.

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