Gerenian Armed Forces

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Gerenian Armed Forces
Mendarehebares Gherenies
Gerenia armed forces.png
Coat of arms
Country Gerenia
Founded 2012
Branches Gerenian Army
Gerenian Air Force
Gerenian Navy
Headquarters Salnat, Klämen
Commander-in-Chief Gerald Ruze
Minister of Defence Karl Steran
Chief of Joint Staff Dan Toriu
Military age 19
Available for military service 1,688,752
Fit for military service 1,258,701
Active personnel 17,220
Reserve personnel 4,150

The Gerenian Armed Forces are the Army, Navy, and the Air Force of Gerenia. The Forces are supervised by the Gerenian Ministry of Defense. The Commander-in-Chief is the President of the Republic of Gerenia (Gerald Ruze), while operational command is in the domain of the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Gerenian Armed Forces, the position being held since February 2013 by colonel Dan Toriu.


Main article: Gerenian Army

The Gerenian Army is composed of eight brigades, of which four are assigned a zone of the country. The brigades are:

  • 1st Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Infantry Brigade
  • Jungle Brigade
  • Mountain Brigade
  • Armored Brigade
  • Paratrooper Brigade
  • Army Aviation Brigade
  • Special Operations Group

Air Force

The Gerenian Air Force is headquartered in Mežan, where it has its combat and training base. Several support bases exist all over the country. The Air Force's main missions are to protect the nation's territorial air space, and to provide logistical support to the Army.


The Gerenian Navy provides defence of Gerenia, its territorial waters, and the Camoleo, which forms part of the southeastern border. The Navy has two bases in operation: one in Bau Fusares, in the province of Maremedres (where the Navy's headquarters are also located), and another one in Arina Bay, in the province of Erstveda. Two other Navy bases are situated in Helfrich Island and eastern Barzat.