Gerald Ruze

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Gerald Ruze

1st President of Gerenia

Assumed Office
1 June 2012
Preceded by New Office

Personal Details

Born 1991
Birth Place San Martín, Ramez, Gerenia
Political Party Independent Party
Residence Notikkalves, Nevaya
Alma mater National University of San Martín

Military Service

Allegiance Gerenia Gerenia
Service/branch Gerenian Air Force
Rank Corporal First Class

Gerald Ruze (born Geren Ruze-Krup) is a Gerenian politician who founded the Republic of Gerenia on Micras in 2012, and became the nation's first President.

Ruze was the Independent Party candidate in the 2013 presidential election, however, no other candidate ran for the position, and Ruze assumed office for a second term on 16 June 2013.