East Gerenia

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East Gerenia Autonomous Republic

Resuy Vatadanes Gherenies Rițes (gr)
Flag of East Gerenia
Coat of Arms of East Gerenia
Coat of arms
Location of East Gerenia
Capital Häsfors
Largest cities Sineda, Port Idvele
Demonym East Gerenian
Area 12,954 km²
Population 48,953 (2016)

East Gerenia (Gerenian: Gherenia Rițes) is an autonomous republic which belongs to Gerenia, on the south shore of the Northern Sea. The capital city is Häsfors.


The first Gerenians arrived at the regions around the mouth of the Camoleo in 2014. On November 2015, as part of an expansion of Gerenia along the river (which included the foundation of the Trans-Samarne Province), East Gerenia was created, with Sávil Ganssal as Governor. The status at the time as that of a region. On 1 January 2016, following the disbandment of regions, the status of East Gerenia changed for that of an "Autonomous republic". Later that year, it was established Taras-1 Naval Base near Sineda.

In 2017 the republic will gain representation in the Parliament of Gerenia, and will also be able to elect their Governor for the first time.


East Gerenia belongs to the Camoleo Plains, and is composed of low lands. The highest elevation in the region is Vendel Hill, in Häsfors District (58 m).

Districts and cities

East Gerenia is subdivided into two districts: Häsfors in the west, and Rițiĵ (which means Far East) in the east.

There are three main settlements in the region: Häsfors, the region's capital city, Sineda and Port Idvele. Other minor villages are scattered along the coast.


East Gerenia's economy is based in fishing. This is reflected in the region's coat of arms: there are three seabasses depicted in it. However, agricultural production has increased thanks to the fertility of the Camoleo Plain. Wheat, rye and tomatoes dominate the production.

Another growing activity is the exploitation of amber deposits, which are abundant in the estuary zone. At first, most of the raw amber was sent to mainland Gerenia; nevertheless, the amber processing is made in small industries in Häsfors.


Taras-1 Naval Base, located in Rițiĵ District, is home of the 10th Division of the Gerenian Navy. The 10th Division's main tasks are patroling the Camoleo estuary and defend the republic from any attack. The local police and a detachment of marine infantry are on charge of the security on land.