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Current Events (January 2016)

Empress Asara

Asara Waffel-Paine has succeeded her father, Naian Waffel-Paine, to become Empress of the Natopians.

Government & Demesnes

Imperial flag standard6.png
Empire Library
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The Empress
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Library of Law
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Natopian History
Dozan Bovic Church
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Featured Article

File:Waffel-Paine CoA.png
Waffel-Paine Coat of Arms

The House of Waffel-Paine is an imperial and royal house established in 1509 AN, and is the current ruling dynasty in Natopia. The house is heavily linked to Elwynn's history. Its founder, Nathan Dariolin, ruled Elwynn twice, first as Duke (c1552-1555), and later, as Prince (1586-1589). As Prince, Nathan married Shireroth's then Kaiser, Ayreon II (Elijah), and their child, Nathaniel, served as Prince of Elwynn too (1604-1618, pretender 1607-1618) and emperor of Natopia. The Founder's cousin, Lord Erion, was Elwynn's president 1570-1573 and served in various positions in the Elwynnese government. The present Ruler of Elwynn, King Thorstein Noah Hallbjörns- og Esthersson, also is a member of the House of Waffel-Paine.

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